End-to-End Solutions
1- Critical Power and cooling solutions
2- Connectivity Solutions
3- Storage Solutions
4- Data Center Solutions
5- Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
6- IVR & Video conferencing Solutions
7- Virtualization & Servers Solutions
8- Software & Database Development & Design Solutions
9- Transmission and Broadcast Automation Solutions
10- Professional Audio/Video Solutions
11- Bandwidth Management Solutions
12- IT Security Assessment & Penetration Testing
13- Network Security and Content Filtering

Alef provides cost-effective end-to-end turnkey solutions to supply, implement and manage IT Systems, Networking, Critical Power, Cooling & Broadcast Solutions.
Our solutions are based on the most suitable technologies tailor made for the specific requirements.

1. Critical Power and cooling solutions

For clean and uninterrupted power supply:

APC by Schneider Electric is the result of merging of the two most trusted names in the power protection industry recently, namely APC and MGE. APC offers the most complete range of products for power protection systems from single to three phase UPS. It also boasts a complete line of product from individual user up to enterprise/TELCO . It’s award-winning Smart-UPS® both for single and three-phase are the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage and networks. Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network grade power.

The InRow Direct Expansion product design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load. This design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay as you grow environment. Available in self-contained, fluid cooled, and air-cooled configurations with or without humidity control, these products meet the diverse requirements for closets, server rooms, and data centers. Alef Technology is also the exclusive partner of Ortea, maker of high quality digital voltage stabilizers. Ortea is an European brand and is one of the world leading supplier of single and three phase digital voltage stabilizers. Alef Tech has supply and installed many of these high quality large capacity stabilizers in major TELCO company in Afghanistan. We have dedicated engineers who are trained in Ortea factory in Italy for installation, commissioning and start up.

2. Connectivity Solutions

Alef Technology specializes in the design, engineering and deployment of wired and wireless solutions. Whether you require a point-to-point, voice over Wi-Fi, WiMax or an enterprise wide multi-access wired or wireless network, Alef technology can and will deliver.
Alef technology engineer their solutions by identifying each customer's requirements for security, bandwidth and coverage to ensure that every wired or wireless network integration or deployment is as reliable and secure as its wired counterpart.
We are a leading provider of end-to-end broadband wireless systems that deliver the quadruple play of data, voice, video and mobility to all organizations today. We are 100 percent focused on advanced technology, and that focus enables us to provide a complete portfolio of WLAN, Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX (point-to-multipoint), point-to-point technologies, Fiber Optic, structured wiring using CAT5/CAT6/CAT

3. Storage Solutions

We offer high-performance storage products by combining the advanced processing capability of award-winning hardware and user-friendly firmware and software that incorporate the leading trends in storage technology. Supporting a wide array of interfaces and capacities, our storage solutions help businesses of all sizes efficiently store their mission- critical data. High-availability hardware design and excellent data services protect your data and ensure business continuity.


4. Data Center Solutions

Alef Technology has a highly-qualified team of project managers, certified in-house technicians and engineers devoted to nothing but data center design and implementation.
Our datacenter solutions are the scalable and adaptable data center IT room architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation. Power, cooling, racks, security and management components are conceived and tested as part of an integrated system which is evident in the aesthetics, functionality and ease of management software integration. Taking a broad system view enables full realization of the benefits of going fast, going dense and going green while ensuring your critical availability targets are met.





5. Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Alef Technology provides real-time high availability and immediate disaster recovery so you never have to worry about downtime or the lost revenue and chaos that ensue.
Whatever the situation, Alef Technology has a recovery solution to fit. Single files can be restored from any point in time, down to the second, using continuous data protection (CDP). If the outage is more severe than just a deleted file, entire servers can easily be recovered to dissimilar hardware or automatically provisioned virtual machines.
The ability to recover physical servers virtually, and even convert back to physical when needed, unlocks the potential of your virtual environment to improve availability and lower recovery costs for your entire server infrastructure, including the physical servers.


6. IVR & Video conferencing Solutions

Alef Technology provides the complete VoIP solution, IVR Solutions; providing the carrier-class performance, interoperability, reliability, and capacity required for support of the most demanding network applications. From our integrated VoIP and data communication platforms to our IP PBX Systems and IP telephones, our IP telephony solutions deliver years of reliable service.
Alef’s IP Telephony & IVR Solutions:

- Are Ideal for small to medium businesses
- Make your communication network flexible and affordable
- Provide feature-rich, standards-based solutions that scale
- Resolve complicated network assessments and interoperability issues
- Reduce TCO, significantly lowering initial and ongoing costs

Video conferencing Solutions

Alef Technology is an exclusive partner of VU Telepresence, a high quality low bandwith
IP video conferencing equipment with almost a fraction of the cost of traditional systems from
known leading brands.

• Great Quality 
   – High Definition Picture
   – Large Displays
• Low Bandwidth
   – 600-800 Kbps for HD video conferencing
   – Special low bandwidth mode (250 Kbps)
• Works off consumer class internet connections
   – Resilient to jitter and packet loss
   – No fixed public IP addresses needed
• Easy to use and setup
• Managed Telepresence Service
   – Hosted Signaling and Federation System
• Easy Inter-company telepresence
   – VU number to dial, no IP addresses to remember


7. Virtualization & Servers Solutions

Virtualization is changing the way resources are deployed and managed by simplifying and speeding up the IT response to a changing business environment. Virtualization can help you:
Reduce IT management requirements and expenses by running multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server
Prioritize business needs and maximize server resources by quickly moving workloads from one virtual workspace to another.
Whether you're a small organization trying to extend the value of the resources you already have, or a large data center that's pushing the automation envelope, Dell delivers solutions that make sense for your budget, staff and business.





8. Software & Database Development & Design Solutions

Alef Technology has been a leading custom software, web & database development company delivering software services to its clients.
Alef Technology leverages a powerful blend of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards, refined business acumen and deep market understanding, profound technical skills and extensive hands-on experience to meet the toughest challenges that our clients face, help them compete successfully in the dynamically changing IT marketplace and achieve the maximum return on investment. When you outsource to
Alef Technology, you have the freedom to focus on your core business while a dedicated team of qualified experts is committed to deliver a turn- key solution taking on all and every aspect of your IT needs starting with strategy consulting and concept development, design and architecture, up to deployment, training, maintenance and future enhancement.




9. Transmission and Broadcast Automation Solutions

The world of broadcast is growing both in terms of sophistication and high technology, more and more towards a tighter integration with products and solutions from another world, that of 'Information Technology. This crucial step requires more and more support from professionals with experience and knowledge in both areas. Alef Technology is the specialist in system integration, being able to offer a full range of professional support services as well as solutions across the value chain of modern broadcast technology in the world quickly and efficiently. With a deep knowledge of markets and technologies typical of broadcast and IT industries, whatever the problem should be addressed, we Broadcast Solutions we can offer the best solution to the most competitive cost.

10. Professional Audio/Video Solutions

Alef Technology provides advanced solutions for video and audio professionals and facilities. Our goal is to combine today's innovative technology to help you balance exciting new tools with practical bottom- line results, keeping your business ahead of the competition. We're here to help you manage evolving technology and find tools that best suit your needs. We strive to create robust solutions our customers can trust. We know that reliability, quality, and productivity are what makes a solution right for a production environment. To achieve this, Alef Technology offers complete packages including consultation, implementation, and support for specialized systems used in video, audio, film, and interactive media.

11. Bandwidth Management Solutions

Increase your bandwidth at anytime! Our Solutions give you the ability to transparently connect new Internet links, such as Wireless, VSAT, 3G Wireless to your existing network. Giving you a highly reliable, fast Internet without using leased lines.
Add bandwidth easily by combining up to 13 Internet links and scale you bandwidth to suit all of your needs.
Our solutions improve your organizations performance and productivity through its Unified Bandwidth Management™ technology. It is an enterprise class network optimization and reliability solution for organizations which utilize Internet applications. These all-in-one solutions deliver an unsurpassed return on investment (ROI) for our customers.

12. IT Security Assessment & Penetration Testing

Alef Technology offers comprehensive IT security assessments or your organization. During the security audit our teams of experienced friendly hackers assess the weaknesses of all your server-based IT services. The security assessments or IT penetration tests can be conducted via the Internet or from inside your networks.
We follow an open communication policy. We thus offer your security experts to participate at the security assessment or penetration tests - for the sake of maximum knowledge transfer and to be able to monitor the methodology and the quality of our service.
Alef Technology provides quick, simple, and powerful solutions that advance your level of security. Our website security audit evaluates your web application security for weaknesses that allow hackers access to your site, databases, and internal network.



13. Network Security and Content Filtering

Any business, must deal with network security and management issues, such as who is given authorized access, how to allocate limited bandwidth to the Internet, and how to prevent malicious traffic such as spam, viruses, and phishing. Network administrators must find network appliances that let them address these issues in a manner that allows their network users to remain most productive. We have the answer.
Traditional enterprise security, such as firewalls and desktop antivirus software, is no match against increasingly sophisticated malware threats. And, as workers become increasingly mobile, today’s enterprise is more vulnerable to online attacks than ever before. Even just one unsecured laptop can put your entire infrastructure at risk for data loss and corruption. Please contact us for the solutions.

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